Fine Art Photography

I love all kinds of photography, but sometimes I just need to go out and create something a little bit more beyond the camera. Post processing. I am absolutely in love with it! Changing the colors in just the simplest ways will alter the entire mood of an image. Just by making an image a little warmer, a little more contrasted, it will suddenly become brand new. With fine art composite photography, however, I do just this but go even further. There are almost no rules to it, it is a painting, a masterpiece, to call your own. It takes much longer to create these pieces, but when you are done you feel so attached to a photo and the best feeling of accomplishment.

With this photo below, I composited approximately 10-12 photos. Each bird was from a separate photo I had taken, the clouds from one photo, four surrounding photos to fill in the landscape, and the dress from multiple shots tossing it in the air. Some of my outings include climbing or taking equipment close to water, thankfully there were no worries of that here. However, it had rained just a few minutes prior (note her wet hair). Sometimes unexpected things happen during these outings, and I just believe it makes it all the more interesting and inspires new ideas. Enjoy!

Alicia Post - Art Composite Steps