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Choosing Wedding Cupcakes Over Wedding Cake

Why consider choosing cupcakes instead of a traditional wedding cake?

This idea may seem a bit unfamiliar, but it is largely becoming popular for DIY weddings and for anyone who is looking to make life a little more simple and a lot more enjoyable.
I love giving brides tips and advice based on what I've experienced as a wedding photographer and my relationships with local vendors. When you book your wedding with me, I am more than willing to help you find great local vendors. Click here to reserve your wedding date in advance because availability is limited.

Affordable As opposed to a traditional, (and costly), wedding cake, gourmet cupcakes from your local bakery may run you only about sixteen dollars for a dozen. Depending on your guest list, I'd say that you'd come out much cheaper than opting for a cake.

Convenient for Wedding Guests No silverware, no plate, just a wrapper. It is easy enough to walk by, snatch a cupcake, and even eat on the go (for those who want to pretend they didn't indulge). There are also times when your guests would rather stay standing amongst the party while they have their dessert. With a cupcake, they will appreciate not having to juggle a wobbly plate and fork while conversing with others.

Variety of Flavors and Designs Have fun with it! Cupcake displays can look just as beautiful as a cake and be styled in even more unique ways. Not to mention preparation and assembly is so easy that friends and family can chip in if you'd rather avoid the baker's fee. The best part of all is that by providing a variety of cupcake flavors to choose from, you will surely suit any of your guests' taste buds!

Wedding Cupcakes Lemonberry
Wedding Cupcakes Lemonberry