WINE?? Yes please.

SO. I'm not sure how many of you have heard yet, but the word is certainly getting around even more quickly than any of us had predicted! It is true that there will be a fantastic NEW WINE BAR opening up in Bourbonnais/Bradley!Look it up, the name is Flight 102 Wine Bar!

The staff is outstanding, the FOOD is impossible to find anywhere else in town, and did I mention..WINE??

They are opening March 12 so make sure to start planning a night to come out with friends and check it out, because why wouldn't you? It's going to be great and everyone is so pumped!!

How do I know so much about this? Well I was lucky enough to be invited behind the scenes while the bar was still being finished, take some candid shots of the wine tasting sessions, as well as group photos of the bunch! :)

It has been fantastic there hanging out with these guys, and it's almost time to share the place with the public! So March 12, see you at Flight 102 Wine Bar! :)