Make This Moment Count and Forget Fear

We've all been there: we want to get something done but we don't, or we say we'll do it tomorrow. Procrastination can and will get the best of us at times. The most simple cure is this: If you are comfortable, it's time to be uncomfortable. Forget what you're used to and stumble upon something new. Make this moment count and discover what you never knew.

make this moment count and forget fear

You'll find that when you really want something to happen, you always have ways to make it happen. Simple as that. No matter what obstacles or unfortunate circumstances are in your way, you somehow maintain a feeling of absolute certainty to make it happen and sure enough, it does.

So what about those times when you really, REALLY wanted to do something... and it didn't happen?

In this case, the goal we set took some effort to get started, or it pushed us into new territory we've never been before. So then something very ironic happens. No matter how much you may want something, the only thing that can keep it from happening is you. Yes, YOU will resist against the very thing you want.

Procrastination is just another name for fear. 

IF ONLY we were incapable of having fear... then we could literally do anything and make anything happen! If that were the case though, none of us may still be alive. So fear definitely has its purpose. But when we rely on fear to make up excuses and resist progress towards our goals, we are essentially holding ourselves back from the very things we want in life.

I know this all may sound like common sense, but isn't fear an on going struggle we all face from time to time? Or for some of us, multiple times a day? For this reason, I am sharing an amazing but simple process in the pdf below called, Forget Fear. Using the principles in this process, you can reclaim the excitement and drive for your goals . I love reading about ways our mind works (and sometimes works against us), so my hope in sharing this is to help others move on to accomplishing more of what they want. If you'd like to receive the free Forget Fear pdf, simply enter your name and email below and I'll gladly send over a copy!

Also on a personal note: Starting in just a month, Jimmy and I are taking on a lot of new travels that I am thrilled to share! These are all places I've been waiting to experience for a while now, and so naturally you can expect a lot of photos to follow. What to expect: Gorgeous Washington mountains, Florida beaches, destination photo shoots and a Chicago urban-styled wedding shoot where I will get to meet other talented photographers and wedding vendors!