Yes to Dogs at the Engagement Session

This past year I've had the most engagement sessions with dogs than ever. Sometimes people feel nervous about the idea of bringing their dog to the session for many reasons. They are afraid they will run around in random directions and it will be too exhausting, let alone impossible to make them stay still for the camera. And the idea of being outdoors around other people... 'nuff said. 

However, I am a dog lover and I know that having your furry family member at the session will make it even more fun and exciting. Just for this reason, I encourage it! Of course, it does require me to take a lot more photos that usual and have a little more patience, but it's most definitely worth it! I have found that couples are a lot more relaxed and natural with their dog because their mind is actually thinking less about how they look in front of the camera. Overall, I say yes to dogs at the engagement session.

Use these easy tips to ensure the session will go smoothly:

1. Bring someone to help hold and take care of the dog so you don't have to. You will feel and look much more relaxed for the photos.

2. Be sure to remember doggie bags. It's surprisingly easy to forget this when you're getting yourself ready for the session.

3. Have a cute leash, or at least a leash that will not stand out in the photo and be distracting in the photo. Bring a black or a brown leather leash instead of a bright neon one if you can.

4. Have treats! This is where I'll be able to stay in control.

5. Try to let go of the worry and stress of your dog possibly not behaving. Most dogs get excited when they meet new people and are put in new environments, it's completely normal! When you first arrive for the shoot, let your dog get comfortable, sniff around and check everything out. We will get started once the dog has had a chance to get a little use to the new environment and calm down.

Enjoy a few of my favorites from my recent dog sessions!