Yes to Dogs at the Engagement Session

Yes to Dogs at the Engagement Session

As you leave out the door, you hear cries on the other side and a tug at your heart. This time, you don't have to your adorable friend at home. I highly encourage bringing your dog to the engagement session! Here are some tips to feel rest assured everything will run smoothly.

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Flight 102 Wine Bar

I am excited to say that I've been asked to photograph at Flight 102 Wine Bar tonight again! This time it's not to photograph wine, but food! Also being served at Flight 102 are amazing creative dishes made by Executive Chef David Basile! I've only heard a little bit about the dishes so far, and I'm amazed at the ingredients and amount of detail that is going into creating the food! For this reason alone they are most excited for the opening and how it will truly impress and keep people coming back!

Also - I'm excited to share a view of the bar's interior and staff below. Astounding wood design, by Austin Glidewell of Remmert Studios, is also an impressive feature you just have to see in person for yourself. Every nook and corner has a custom, unique feature. I highly suggest visiting the Flight 102 Wine Bar the next time you're in Bourbonnais, I promise you will be glad you did!

From left to right: Kelly St. Aubin (Owner), David Basile (Chef), Brianne Wetovick (Waitress)